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All over the world hundreds of millions of intelligent and well educated
people are working in offices. Day in, day out, from one year to another.
The utopia of the well-organized and paperless office has turned out to be
an illusion. Instead, all those industrious office-workers are surrounded
by growing heaps of paper, reports, file-systems, access- and project-
codes, memos, signatures, order forms, registration sheets, etc.

You might have been under impression that an office-life is boring..!
It's simply not true. On the contrary! The world of The Office is very
dynamic, considering all it's intrigues, the humorous and horrific moments
and the political and amorous complications. Things are happening which
challenge your imagination! The Office is an environment in which all
participants have to be inventive and cheerful, in order to avoid bureau-


So once upon a morning you could overhear this conversation when suddenly
Mr. Fencer and Mr. Millikan entered Liz's room. Mr. Henderson en Mr. Lowfil
stood right behind them.

"Liz! Hey. Liz!"
"Yes Mr. Fencer?"
"We're all waiting for you, so you'd better come."
"But I have to type this memo. You know, it's very important, about
computers, information and communication and all that kind off stuff!"
"Liz, forget about the memo and finish it some other time. Stop the
paperwork. What we need is... inspiration. I-n-s-p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n."
"Creativity", said Mr. Millikan.
"Energy", added Mr. Lowfil.
"A change", concluded Mr. Henderson.
"We've got to kiss the Sleeping Beauty within us alive", resumed Mr.
Fencer. "So, I call everybody for a Meeting of the Board. My office...

Join them now! Get to know the members of the board (and their guests) and
the suprising agenda (and turn up the volume if you wish).


Streaming is free of charge, and thanks to everybody who listens. The albums are not yet on Spotify or iTunes, but we are working on that.

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