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Sleighride On Melting Ice  is the soundtrack for an imaginary movie dedicated to Greta Thunberg, the young and courageous Swedish girl who challenges world leaders to take immediate action to avoid a devastating collision with the boundaries and limitations of the natural world. The music is a strong call to heed her words: "Don't listen to me. Listen to science. We must act now."



On a clear winter afternoon, Beautiful Earth takes off for a sleigh ride with her beloved dogs. The horizon lights up in an enchanting red glow. Suddenly the dogs panic and jump into a wild gallop. Earth is in shock and loses control. The red glow seems to indicate sudden danger now. As temperatures are rising, Beautiful Earth knows she must get back across the melting ice as fast as possible to save herself and her dogs.

The music

Earth's slippery ride begins with the peaceful and almost solemn Sleighride. Suddenly the dogs leap into a wild gallop, leaving Beautiful Earth in shock. From there, the ride is an unpredictable trip. Coal, Diesel, Gasoline, Hydrogen and Ethanol each evoke a different mood and mental state. Everything seems to fall apart in the hot and chaotic Forest Fire, before Greta Thunberg and The Scientists speak to us in Melting Ice, the apotheosis of the soundtrack. The finale, A New Beginning, is a Da Capo, a restart, but this time it sounds like a hopeful march into a better future.

support and donate

Listen to the music, and enjoy for free. ​If you want to support or donate, please do. I will transfer half (50%) of all net earnings to environmentally friendly scientific projects and organizations. Thanks a million.

d.i.y. and share

The songs are instrumental. Feel inspired to put your own lyrics to the music. Sing or talk and record the result. Publish it on the Internet and share with your friends. If you do, please use hashtag #SleighRideOnMeltingIce so we can all enjoy the result, and your voice will be heard.

Be aware and do the right thing!

Olav Ulrich, March 2022

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