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Karaoke version

Sleighride On Melting Ice (The Thunberg Suite) is an instrumental pop/rock soundtrack. Hopefully you feel inspired to sing or hum along. Maybe you want to add lyrics to the songs! To give you full artistic freedom, I created a special Karoake version of the songs, without the leading guitar, piano and synthesizer parts.

So.... Sing! Shout! Read! Tell & Record the result. Publish it somewhere on the Internet and share with your friends. Please use hashtag #SleighRideOnMeltingIce so we can all enjoy the result. Your voice will be heard. I'm looking forward to the result.


All songs written, played, recorded and produced by Olav Ulrich.

(c) 2021 BUMA/Stemra, Netherlands.

Sleeve design and artwork by Olav Ulrich.

Olav Ulrich,

April 2022

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