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I define myself as a creative pop/rock musician and composer, playing with the freedom of a jazz cat, having a solid education in classical music.

1. The Early Years (1960 - 1978)

I started at the age of 6 in  school choir. From the age of 8 I had piano lessons for 15 years. In high school I taught myself playing the guitar, because I wanted more freedom on stage (and to impress the girls, of course). Played blues, rock, funk, jazz, fusion, etc. We had gigs every no and then, it was fun, I learned a lot.

2. Shark / Progressive Rock (1978 - 1982)

3. Paolo Passionato & The Pennies From Heaven / Latin Pop (1982 - 1986)

4. The Office / Classic Rock/Pop (1986 - 2002)

5. No Turn On Red (2008 - 2016)

5. Olav Ulrich Music & The King of Norway / Instrumental Pop/Rock and Soundtracks

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Listen to the music, and enjoy for free. ​If you want to support or donate, please do. I will transfer half (50%) of all net earnings to environmentally friendly scientific projects and organizations. Thanks a million.

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