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The Eight Lives I Lived So Far

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They say a cat has nine lives. So far I had eight. I wonder what #9 will be like. If there will be one. I am not a cat.

1.     Primary school. Playing soccer, tennis. Classical piano, singing in a boys choir, playing with my friends. I wanted to become a herring man, God, how I loved herring. I still do.

2.     High school. Soccer, cycling, learning how to play guitar, playing in a blues band. Going to concerts. Falling in love for the first time. Reading books, studying science, maths and ancient cultures. Imagining how it would be traveling the world to unknown places.

3.    1972. I graduated from high school. Read “Limits to the Growth”, a revolutionary scientific report published by the Club of Rome. It changed everything and I still carry it with me. It seems more actual than ever.

4.     Studying biology, evolution theory, ecology. Science. I wanted to be an ecologist, to contribute to a better world. Traveling around the world, alone and with friends. Virtually no money in your pocket. Sleeping under the naked sky. Playing music for and talking to people I did not know the language of.

5.     After university I became a musician. Writing, playing and recording. Funk, Blues-rock, Fusion, New Wave, Latin-Pop. Local, national and international gigs. Radio and TV. I met the love of my life. She was a singer in the band. We married. It was (and still is) great fun.

6.    ​After music, I had a business career. I learned and earned a lot. Made music too. Issued a few CD’s, had tons of audacious and creative plans and ideas. I got bored and frustrated going to the office all the time. It was all too predictable. ​Time for a change.

7.     We opened a traditional French restaurant in Amsterdam, with the help of family and friends. Cooking in a true bistro, serving cuisine bourgeoise! What a treat. After ten successful years we felt tired. Time for a break. We traveled to many places.

8.     We now organize communal tables at home, and occasionally I guide city tours. I write a blog, when I want to share a thought or two. I fight for a better neighborhood. And there is plenty of time to write and play music.

9.     ​What next? The 9th life. I have no idea. Lucky me.

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