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don't kiss that frog
(twelve assorted love songs)

Don't Kiss That Frog is a love journey that will take you through every possible emotion. Fly to the sky in an elevator for a fast-paced and dazzling love affair. Fall into the abyss in a heartbreaking blues. Be speechless. Resist icy eyes. Find solace in Honeymoon. Fall in love with a machine. The journey ends on the back of a camel, heading for new love affairs. Join the journey and enjoy listening!


The album contains twelve previously released and unreleased love songs, all recorded between 1978 and 2004. Played solo, or together with fine singers, instrumentalists and bands. Disco, blues, pop, rock, instrumental, experimental, it's all there. Music & lyrics by Olav Ulrich, except 6,8,11 music & lyrics by Olav Ulrich & George Schermer. All rights reserved (BUMA/Stemra 1978 - 2023). Sleeve design and artwork by Olav Ulrich.

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