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My music

During the past 50 years or so I wrote songs in every possible style. I played with many singers, instrumentalists and bands. I created solo projects, which I still do. I plan to release a new album every two years or so.


You'll find a few examples of my music here. The music is free to download.

If you like what you hear, please share the music with your friends.

If you wish, you can support me to create future projects. II appreciate your help.

Enjoy listening!

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Who Am I

My new project. Work in progress. To be released when finished, first half of 2024

cover don't kiss that frog_1.jpg

Don't Kiss That Frog (2023)

(Twelve Assorted Love Songs)

A selection of 12 previously released and unreleased songs.

Disco, blues, pop, rock, instrumental, experimental, it's all there.

All songs written, played and recorded between 1978 and 2004.

Listen to Don't Kiss That Frog >

cover of sleighride on melting ice

Sleighride on Melting Ice (2021)

(The Thunberg Variations)

Soundtrack for an imaginary movie, dedicated to Greta Thunberg and her efforts to create awareness on climate change and her call for action.

"Don't listen to me, listen to the science", she says!

Listen to Sleighride >

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